Budget & Premium Service Levels To Fit Your Needs

We know you’ve got other bills to pay. That’s why we offer two levels of services so you’re in control of your investment. 

Budget Content

Affordable content production solutions. Budget level doesn’t include time for planning topics, researching keywords, and performing article input (adding and optimizing content in your CMS). Budget level content is for you if you know your target keywords and the topics you want covered, and can optimize your own content.

Premium Content

End-to-end content production solutions. We plan and outline the topics, research the keywords, write, edit and format the piece. We also input, optimize and schedule the article for publishing. Premium content writing services create a “hands-off” experience. We provide you with peace of mind and the freedom to spend time doing what you do best.

*A Note On Writing Quality*

No matter if you choose Premium or Budget level content production, you will receive the same quality of writing. There’s no star-rating level for you to choose from, which means you don’t have to sacrifice quality to fit your budget. We’ve set our standards so that you will get a clean, professional and expert piece of writing every time.

What’s Included

Here are the services included based on budget or premium level projects.

Service Budget Premium
Topic Planning No Yes
Keyword Research No Yes
Editing Yes Yes
Formatting Yes Yes
Revisions 1 Unlimited
Publishing to CMS (Article Input) No Yes
Project Management (Contact Person) Yes Yes
Copyscape Check Yes Yes

Information On Content Creation Steps

There’s a lot that goes in to producing a high-quality piece of content. Below are the steps we follow for each piece, depending on whether it’s a budget or premium level project. 

Topic Planning: We help you choose and refine your blog post or article topics. We look at what content you’ve produced, what’s worked and what hasn’t. We also look for opportunities in niche topics that will garner results from under-served or untapped information areas.

Keyword Research: Based on the topics we think will be most useful, interesting and successful, we select primary and secondary keywords. We use our keyword-research process to strategically select the best search terms. It’s part art, part science and we’re constantly refining the steps.

Editing: Editing is a fundamental step in producing any piece of writing. While all writers are encouraged to self-edit, our in-house editors review the piece and make edits for grammar, structure and readability.

Formatting: All pieces are properly formatted. This means using subheading, bullets, and other tactics to increase readability and consistency throughout the piece. Consistent formatting across all pieces helps the reader understand what to expect whenever they read something on your site.

Revisions: After the piece has been signed off on our end, we send it to you for approval. Our goal is to get it right every time, but occasionally there will be some adjustments. We work with you to make revisions to limit the time spent on each piece. This gets the piece published faster so it can start generating results sooner.

Publishing to CMS: This is the article-input step where we add the piece into your website’s Content Management System (CMS). Here we make sure the piece is also optimized for title tags, meta data and targeted keywords. We do final formatting and schedule the piece for publishing.

Project Management: All projects will have a Project Manager, who acts as the contact person between yourself and the production team. This person learns about project goals, develops the scope and assigns the project. They are responsible for the full customer experience.

Copyscape Check: Copyscape is a premium third-party service we use to detect plagiarism and duplicate content. It’s a basic yet crucial step in delivering the high-quality, original content we’re committed to producing.

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