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We provide blog writing services to meet your needs. From flexible, anytime services to ongoing weekly or monthly posts. We can create a blog content plan and hand it off to you. Or we can provide a complete end-to-end blog writing and publishing service.

À La Carte Posts

À la carte blog writing services provide clients with the choice of when to use our services. Perhaps you’re behind on content and you need a trusted partner to come in and catch you up. Or maybe you’re looking for help producing a series of posts. Whatever your needs are, à la carte blogging allows you to decide what you want and when you want it.

  • Flexible Services

  • Choice of Content Formats

  • No Contracts or Commitments

  • Use as Needed

Ongoing Blogging

Ongoing blog writing services give you the peace of mind in knowing that your posts will be written and published from start to finish on a regular basis. We work off of a blog content plan so that you know exactly what you’re getting and when. You can customize a monthly blogging package to meet your needs.

  • Regular & Consistent Blog Posts

  • Full Blog Management

  • Content Planning

  • Customizable Package

Blog Post Pricing

Budget and Premium level pricing available on all post lengths*.

Post Type Budget Premium
Short (500-700 words) $80 $125
Mid (1300-1600 words) $210 $325
Long (2200-2600 words) $350 $550
Ultimate (3500-4200 words) $560 $875

*Budget level service requires that the client provide the topic, reference links, keywords and partial outlineLearn more about Budget vs. Premium service levels.

Not Sure What Type of Service You Need?

We can build a service around whatever you need help with. Here are some examples of blog-related things our team can do:

  • Blog Audit & Strategy Consulting

  • Publishing Schedule With Topics & Keywords

  • Optimize Existing Blog Posts

  • Build On & Enhance Thin Blog Posts

  • Provide Title & Content Images

  • Restructure Blog Format & Categories

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Information On Health & Wellness Blog Writing

You may be wondering why your brand even needs a health & wellness blog. Below is information on the goals of blog posts and why they’re important to reaching your customers.

What are Blog Posts?

A blog post is a shareable piece of content meant to engage the consumer. Health & wellness blog posts can have different goals depending on what your company wants to achieve. It could be to build your community, generate leads, increase brand awareness or simply help inform your customers on certain health topics. Blog posts can be quick shots of simple information or they can be in-depth and authoritative.

Why are Blog Posts Important For SEO?

Blogs are a critical way of attracting new interest in your health & wellness brand. By publishing consistent, valuable information and sharing it into the world, you’ll increase your chances of being ranked by the search engines, which allows you to be found by consumers searching for the kinds of information you’re providing.

There is critical aspect to understand about the value of blogging:

Blog posts help you be found by people who otherwise wouldn’t have known about your health & wellness product.

The more you can plan, strategize and invest in your health & wellness blog topics and ideas, the more you serve new potential clients with valuable information.

Why Invest in Quality Blog Writing?

Blog writing establishes your brand. Oftentimes, a blog post is your frontline interaction with a new potential customer. So why not make it a knock-out first impression? Investing resources into producing high-quality, valuable and relevant blog content is one of the smartest investments you can make in internet marketing.

But, there is another reason to invest in professional writing for your health & wellness blog. The search engines hold the power to determine whether or not your health and wellness blog topics are relevant and useful enough to display on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The quality and depth of your writing is a major determining factor in how useful and relevant your posts are. The better the writing quality and the more specific and targeted your post is, the more you increase your chances of being a top search result.

Health & Wellness is a trillion dollar global industry. That means there’s a lot of people searching for your information. It also means there’s lots of competition. The best way to stand out in a vast sea of content, is to consistently produce unique, relevant and informative content written specifically to cover a niche health & wellness topic.

Healthy Content is dedicated to producing high-quality, valuable blog posts for our customers. Like you, we want to ensure the consumer is engaged and empowered by the information they read. Hire Healthy Content today for help with health & wellness blog post ideas, planning and writing.

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