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Research-packed, data-driven health & wellness articles to position and increase authority.

Building authority in the health & wellness marketplace is critical to sustaining and growing your brand. Authority article writing services help you position your company as a trustworthy provider of useful information so you can attract and retain more customers.

Objectives of Authority Health & Wellness Articles

Authority articles are important elements of a content marketing plan for many reasons. Here are some of the objectives of authority articles:

  • Demonstrate expertise
  • Offer value to readers
  • Become a reference from other websites (linkable content)
  • Build credibility among potential customers
  • Deliver a helpful customer experience of knowledge and information sharing
  • Empower your audience to make informed health & wellness decisions

Authority Article Pricing

Post Type Budget* Premium
Mid (1600-2000 words) $320 $560
Long (2200-2600 words) $440 $770
Ultimate (3500-4200 words) $700 $1,225
Custom (5,000+ words) Ask for pricing Ask for pricing

*Budget level article writing service requires that the client provide the topic, reference links, keywords and partial outlineLearn more about Budget vs. Premium service levels.

Information On Authority Article Writing

There’s a lot that goes into producing high-quality authority articles. Below are the necessary elements of successful authority article production.

Production Process: Producing articles requires a strategic approach. You need to start with a particular topic or goal in mind. From there, true authority articles need to be carefully planned, outlined and formatted in a logical way.

Research & Data: Articles need to collect relevant and supportive data and research. Articles need to be structured in a way that highlights these findings selectively. This further adds to the usefulness of the article.

Single Source of Information: Authority articles are also about becoming the single source of information. This means that your article should answer every question the reader could possibly have on a subject. In other words, an authority article must fulfill the user’s intent of finding out information on your particular niche topic.

What Authority Articles Are Not

Authority articles are not about the brand. They are not about a company proclaiming number-one status or how cutting-edge or successful their products are. Articles should also never just be thrown together in a mishmash of all your knowledge on a particular subject. Authority articles strategically invite new potential customers by offering value instead of what they may view as unsubstantiated claims.

Authority articles give your readers the tools to succeed on their health & wellness journey.

Authority articles are about the audience, and how much you as a brand are invested in keeping them informed.

Where to Publish Authority Articles

Authority articles, unlike blog posts, are typically published on offsite locations and publishing platforms. Branded information hubs, which are more robust than the average company blog, also require authoritative article-style content.

If you’re looking to build your content authority, then publishing on high-authority sites like Medium or LinkedIn are excellent strategies to include in your marketing plans.

Hire Expert Health & Wellness Article Writers

Article writing requires strategy and skill. That’s why hiring professional health & wellness article writers is the best way to ensure you’re publishing high-quality content that has a greater chance of success.

Expert article writers can spend the time producing this high-quality content by:

  • Researching the topic extensively
  • Finding appropriate supportive data and studies
  • Interviewing experts
  • Researching other articles and thinking of new angles
  • Outlining content so that it makes sense to the reader
  • Writing in clear, concise yet helpful and engaging language
  • Formatting the content so that it’s readable and enjoyable

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